Jon Wilson - President

I am Jon Wilson; I grew up in Sunnyvale not too far from Curtis by Washington Park.  I enjoy fitness, sports and going to sporting events. I also spend a lot of time playing baseball with my two sons, Thomas (3 yrs) and Henry (1 yr).  I met Curtis in 2nd grade at Cumberland Elementary and we went to Jr. High and High School together as well.  Baseball was life for us and Buddy ( Curt's Dad ) was our coach for many of those years.  A very special memory I have of Curt is a recurring one.  He was always around.  He was always at school early and usually the first person I saw.  I'll never forget our handshake every single morning before school started.  Whether it was freezing out, dark outside, or the day after a loss on the baseball field, he was always there with a positive attitude.

Roberto Juarez Garcia III - Secretary

My name is Robbie Garcia.  I grew up in Sunnyvale close to all of our friends and families of the foundation.  Sports has been a big part of my life.  I have met and stayed friends with so many people I have played sports with throughout my life.  Curtis Sanders was one of these people.  I met him and his family through school and sports and they are very special to me.  To this day we keep in touch.  I am still involved with sports, playing, coaching and refereeing, and wouldn't trade it for anything.

 I appreciate every sports moment I had with my family and friends.



Chacho Nieves - Board Member

Hi, I hope you're well! My name is Chacho and I grew up in Sunnyvale. I am a proud parent of a beautiful 3 year old and amazing 1 year old twins. I have been blessed to go through all these life adventures with my beautiful and supporting wife Stephanie! Thanks love for all you do!  I enjoy playing sports and spending quality time with my friends and family over some good BBQ.  Curtis and I grew up together playing sports and going to school together. We were each others first roommates, and we even worked together for a couple of years. One of many great memories that I have with Curtis, was when we would get "Cowboy'd Up" for Country Concerts and Rodeo's. He was the only one who would dress up with me... and enjoyed it! My hope for the this foundation is that it would grow bigger than anyone of us could have planned for. To have Curtis' name and legacy grow and reach as many young athletes as possible.

Aaron Wilson - Board Member

I'm Aaron Wilson.  I've been active with the CLS Foundation since the beginning, but didn't become an official Board Member until 2014.  A passion of mine is to assist others in any way, shape or form to achieve their goals.  Whether it's providing adequate sports equipment for youth or encouraging them to be more active for longer periods of time, I see myself as a role model.  I've been fortunate to be involved in organized sports my whole life, so I'm excited about helping others do the same.  I'm an active outdoorsman who enjoys reading, running and watching others succeed.


Sarah Ly - Board Member

Hi, I'm Sarah (Agens) Ly and I grew up in Sunnyvale. I still live in Sunnyvale, and I enjoy spending my free time running, cycling, hiking, and golfing, watching sports (especially football... Go Niners!), and spending time with my husband Steve and our family and friends. I met Curtis when we were 5 years old, at our very first t-ball practice. I had the joy of being the only girl on the team! When we were little Curtis and I lived down the street from each other, and I spent my summers sleeping over at The Sanders' house hanging out with Curtis and his sister Diana. I have so many amazing memories of Curtis, from playing butt's up behind the backstop at Jelcick, to the quiet head-nod "What's up" we exchanged every morning before school at Homestead. Most of all I remember that Curtis treated everyone with kindness and respect, no matter what. 


Board Advisors

Joe Hui

Dat Lai 

Phyllis Avery

Buddy & Darlean Sanders