Curtis Lee Sanders

First off, we want to thank our friend Curtis, who is the reason why we are here doing what we are doing. Thank you for showing us what true friendship is. You selflessly gave your time and energy to make each one of your friends and family members feel the love. Thank you for providing us with a model to follow when trying to serve others. Lastly thank you for being an example of how to love your family.  All these characteristics you shared will be carried out in our daily lives as well as used as a foundation to make your name live on!

Buddy & Darlean Sanders

Buddy and Darlean... Thanking you for all your support doesn't seem like enough. You two are the reason why we are able to create this Foundation. Each hour that we get to spend working with you only brings to light why Curt was who he was. Along with the normal meetings and tasks that we are all responsible for, you two go above and beyond; and are the reason why everything comes together the way it does.  Without you, we would be a few friends fumbling our way through with a desperate need for your guidance.  Thank you for your blessings in pursuing this adventure and thank you for being the glue that holds us all together!


For all of those who have donated... THANK YOU!! You are the ones who directly impact the children we support each day.  Without your generosity, there is no way to keep this Foundation going. We understand that you work hard for what you have, and that's why it's not about how much you've given, it's the fact that you've gotten involved.  Also, a big thanks for telling your friends and spreading the word.  So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support! 


Of course; our Foundation wouldn't be possible without our compassionate volunteers.  Along with Curt's family and friends countless people have shaped us into who we are today.  Our volunteers have  done everything from set up and take down at our events to running kids activities and making things go smoothly.  Beyond the actual work put into it; it's an opportunity for people and families to have fun as well as help those in need.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!

A special "Thank You" to all our donors:

Vicky Gordy
Michael Hack
Jason Koukis
Gary Jian
Rudolph & Sletten
Tuan Dang
Antonio Gallegos
Sarah Ly
Agens Family
Frisbie Family
Dreyer Family
Jordan Family
Garcia Family
Wilson Family
Greg Milton
Sanders Family
Golshan Sadat Akhavi
Dave Marcus
Steve Clemons

Galvan Family
Eddy Louie
Scott Joaquim
Jennica Goo
Ashley Brown
Joe Hui
Jeff Csillag
Springer Family
LaPlante Family
Hill Family
Lai Family
Chung Lai
Nieves Family
Avery Family
Dennis Buzzini
Justin Jolley Memorial Foundation
Davidson Family
Abouav Family
Spencer Family

Carly Pridham
Jennifer Maio
Anna Smith Cortez
Jane Sanders
Lafe Mase
Eric Troung
Toso Matau
Mibach Family
Colin Ward
Barnec Family
Eddie Wood
Montalvo Family
Jason Plasencia
Imo Tee
Kwesi Graves
Brandon Ching
DJ Nieves
Esther & Chuck Wilson
Vicki & Lenny Garcia

Jessica Garcia
Hall Family
Ellington Family
Kavon Azad
Huff Family
Whiteman Family
Matt Villasenior
Brandon Beres
David Rivas
Danny Mase
Newton Family
Natalie Corral
Quanz Family
Ghio Family
Blush Raw Bar & Lounge
Ron Ramies Automotive
South Bay MOA
Gabe Duran
Scott & Amy Roberts